Commercial Knotweed Services

Concerned about Japanese Knotweed at your commercial workplace? At Sussex Knotweed, we offer a range of commercial services to both eradicate and protect against Knotweed to future proof your business.

Knotweed’s destructive rhizomes can cause significant damage to your commercial space if it’s not identified quickly enough or dealt with swiftly. Key identifiers of Knotweed include:

  • Easily identifiable purple shoots and spiky stems
  • Knotty, dark brown bark
  • Distinctive cream flowers

Knotweed left untreated can reduce land values, delay construction projects and penetrate retaining wall structures, so it’s important to call upon experts to safely remove and protect against the plant as soon as possible.

Our specialised Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) addresses your needs and budget and is backed by written reports, guarantees and frequent reviews.

Japanese Knotweed

When presented with a large-scale Knotweed case on a construction or commercial site, Sussex Knotweed adopt the ‘Dig and Dump’ approach; a slightly more costly solution but one that guarantees. We work across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London to find a successful solution to commercial building owners’ Knotweed problems; there’s no corner we can’t reach.

In order to completely eradicate Japanese Knotweed, complete removal is needed and any contaminated materials should be removed from site immediately and disposed of safely and in accordance to various Law Environmental Acts and Environmental Agency Codes of Practice.

What is Dig and Dump?

The Dig and Dump method is one that Sussex Knotweed adopt for larger-scale, commercial or industrial jobs and whilst it’s a more costly solution, it’s needed to ensure the Knotweed is fully eradicated. Dig and Dump is a controlled excavation process that allows for complete removal of the contaminated land.

Prior to excavation, an area of soil where the Knotweed has been identified will be sent away for contamination analysis before landfill sites will accept excavated soil.

Once the contaminated soil has been excavated, we’ll take the materials to landfill to dispose of the Knotweed safely. All of our dig and dump excavation work come with guarantees.

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