Japanese Knotweed Property Risk Survey

If you’re looking to re-mortgage, buy or sell a property, you may be instructed to carry out a professional Knotweed survey before the process can be completed. At Sussex Knotweed, we’ve been conducting these surveys for years across Sussex, Surrey, Brighton, London and Kent and are recognised PCA (Property Care Association) members so should be your first port of call.

What our survey entails

If there is suspected or known presence of Knotweed at a property you’re looking to re-mortgage, buy or sell, this survey, along with a follow-up report, is imperative. The survey and report will:

  • Identify any present Knotweed or similar hybrids
  • Record the extent of the affected area and note any subsequent property risk
  • Review neighbouring properties (where possible) to note any spread of Knotweed if applicable
  • Provide an O.S survey plan
  • Suggest adequate corrective solutions
  • Send a Property Risk assessment report and Japanese knotweed Management Plan to UK mortgage lenders upon request

When the Japanese Knotweed is attached to property you require a Japanese Knotweed Property Risk Survey and Report. This documentation is required by law by The Building Societies/Banking Institutions handling the sale of the mortgage.

Book your survey today

We work across Sussex, Surrey, Brighton and Kent so if you’re after a Knotweed survey and some professional advice, call our team today on 01273 499 029 or email john@sussexeps.co.uk.