Japanese Knotweed Removal & Eradication

Sussex Knotweed are the leading specialists in Japanese Knotweed eradication, providing a professional service with assured results across Sussex, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

All of our Japanese Knotweed management plans and methodologies are carried out in accordance with current legislation and the Environment agency “the Knotweed Code of Practice” 2006.

Japanese Knotweed Chemical Treatments

The most common and cost effective approach of treating Japanese Knotweed is through the use of herbicides. There are different methodologies used for treating Japanese Knotweed and they all vary depending on site specifics.

Sussex Knotweed Control Chemical Treatment Methods

(On site herbicide solutions)

Knapsack application

Knapsack spraying can produce impressive results with two applications applied at optimum times of the year (Spring/Autumn). Further regrowth can occur in future years. It is essential to kill off the plant’s rhizomes system. This is why Japanese Knotweed eradication can take several applications over a prolonged period of time. Treatment by knapsack spraying on average can last 3-5 years.

Stem injection application

Stem injection targets the application with the use of a cavity needle directly into the core of the plant.  Stem injection will deliver high levels of concentrated solutions into the plants extensive rhizome system. This direct method can see eradication within 3-5 years. This technique is favored by the Environment Agency and Natural England as it has no impact on surrounding vegetation or wildlife.


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